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Defining an Organization

What’s the difference between good organizations and great organizations? Communication Effectiveness. In fact, effective communication is a catalyst for every successful organization, and it directly impacts engagement, growth, trust, leadership, collaboration and innovation.


At Speaking Of, we offer both the “spark” and resources to help move organizations from good to great. If you’re ready to move, we’re ready to help.

Speaking Of is an innovative consortium that offers products, services, solutions, training and presentations to help organizations put their “best face” forward. We specialize in four areas:

  • Communication/Marketing

  • Business Development/Coaching and Performance

  • Cultural Competency and Enrichment

  • Ministry/Faith-Based Growth and Development


About Us


Our team of professionals brings a unique set of competencies, skills, and expertise to clients. Collectively, we offer 45+ years of corporate experience, 50+ years of motivational speaking, training and development, 35+ years of ministry development, training and strategy and 30+ years of communication, marketing, strategic planning, engagement and performance-based metrics development. We are proud of our success in making strategic impacts and building community in corporations non-profits and community agencies across the country.


Alyce McNeil
Founder and CEO

Alyce McNeil knows first-hand how effective communication and strategy can change an organization’s trajectory and outcome. As a communicator with a passion for metrics and storytelling, Alyce sets the tone for Speaking Of to develop compelling, innovative solutions for clients. An experience writer, strategist and researcher, she has won awards with International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and Ragan Communications. She’s also edited several books for new authors. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Radio, TV and Film and a master’s degree in Communication from the University of Missouri–Columbia.

Seminars / Workshops


Do you have a unique communication need - something that is not an actual product or deliverable but rather a team training? Let us personalize our deliverables to you in your preferred format.

  • A seminar/workshop “on-demand”

  • A Workshop in your workplace

  • Focus Groups or Business Town Halls

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  • Culture, alternative views, and difference

  • Critical Thinking / Enrichment across cultures 



  • Church Leadership & Development

  • Finance Fundamentals: Shore up the Foundation for a Profit Explosion

  • Advancing Growth in a Virtual Environment              

  • Social Equity and its Value for Businesses

  • Social Justice and Social Action Engagement

  • Community Outreach and Network Building

  • Motivational Speaking


  • Sales Training & Business Growth                   

  • Finance Fundamentals: Shore up the Foundation for a Profit Explosion

  • Advancing Growth in a Virtual Environment   

  • Social Equity and its Value for Businesses       

  • Social Justice and Social Action Engagement

  • Community Outreach and Network Building   

  • Motivational Speaking


  • Message and Metrics Development            

  • Crisis Management and Messaging      

  • Reputation Management and Repair    

  • PR Planning & Event Launch                      

  • Speechwriting

  • White Paper and Proposal Development


  • Graphic Design

  • Marketing and Branding

  • Social Media Strategic Planning & Expansion

  • Advertising Solutions

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